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YongJia DuoLi  Machinery manufacture Co., LTD Is a professional research and development, production and marketing of valve valve drive device companies, enterprises employ has rich experience of design and manufacturing of valve actuation device expert guidance, and insists on regarding science and technology development pillar of for the enterprise development, with perfect effective quality management system and perfect testing equipments as a guarantee of product quality.

YongJia DuoLi  Machinery  leading products are valve bevel gears series, valve worm gear device series. Valve worm gear device is mainly products are: single grade model (QDX3 - D), double class type (QDX3 - S), deserve to electric type (QDX3 - D), GuanWangXing (QDX3 - G), shanxi type (CJ), separating type (FQDX3), used in butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves cocks valve type valve, special type can output 360 degrees of corner. Dolly development BA type American standard adopting spiral bevel gear, gear transmission, torque force big, input force, low noise, reducing friction is lowered force, improve the product service life.

Valve manual device has a full rotation, 90 < rotary, main body institutions have HT200, QT450 materials, WCB, stem nut, A148 etc. Have YongJia DuoLi  Machinery valve actuation device of mainly used in petrochemical, metallurgical, power, water and heat supply, fire control system, civil building fields of export valves and domestic valve. All products of the manufacturing adopts the high quality materials meet international standards, the application of advanced equipments and mature technics, the perfect quality management system and perfect after-sale service.

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