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How to identify tankers of cheating approach
FROM:YongJia DuoLi   TIME 2011-5-30

How to identify the many means using tankers cheating and to prevent, the author thinks that the work practice must grasp two aspects.

A, all kinds of cheating means

At present, the common fuel injection of cheating means basically has the following kinds:

1. Deliberately not back to zero. Cheaters will tankers macnaught zero device moves to a critical condition, not oil gun intohis once or hand device to return to zero, leaving accumulate number before table.

2. The hand dial digital plate. Counter Some gas station on glass and pumps inside unloaded, and facing counter baffle side not unloading customers. Refueling when, one person stood beside the tankers, digital dish counter strike when estimating big ten digits, little criterion 6with 6with low single digits.

3. Adjust meter emissions adjusting device. Some gas station will adjust the displacement pumps meter on the cover nut dismantled without approval or pry loose, drew the line after adjustment, and will line Pierce clamping; Also some stay too long the line without moving, it will adjust discharge nut take cover, adjustment, can make the tankers to pay the amount of oil reduce 1 to 5 percentage points.

4. Replace the quadrant gear counter spindle. Various types of tankers, its counter the quadrant gear axis geometry size and modulus is different also, general for 20 teeth, 25 teeth. Outlaws will replace bevel gear for each additional one after, less pay customer 4-5 percentage points of the amount of oil.

5. Install shunt return hose device. Some gas station in tankers gauges installed on the output control shunt return hose device, will pass the meter output by the backflow valve control of oil pump suction pipe before to the road, and shunt valve closes, no oil, measurement is accurate. Cheaters shunt return pipe installation of various ways. Some of the oil in tankers meter on the mouth to oil pot holes on metal with shunt return pipe installation; Some will depend on the oil pot and oil gun oil hose adding tee off shunt.

6. Adjust the LeiJiShu agencies. Counter Some gas station staff, use of then, open door, remove the counter gear pumps with hand back dial plate, the cumulative counting institutions cylindrical spur gear, steal gas station of oil.

7. Manufacturers intentionally design production can cheat device. Intentionally design production can individual manufacturer, to cater to those who cheat tankers for the psychological, illegal operators provide convenient. The cheating and deceptive Some tankers have only in gauges, and computer nut no device nut device; Some manufacturers put adjustment coefficient password directly tell station, cheaters can adjust 20ma coefficient, when there are supervisors pitted, just pull down the switch and then closed, tankers will restore the original coefficient.

8. Install microwave transmitters and electromagnetic valve automatically return oil device. Return oil transmitter devices a connecting the power switch, the power, the power switch in underground Daniel installed in indoor, the transmitter output terminal for diesel, gasoline respectively the electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valves equipped with return oil tributaries, end up in tankers tube of the oil in tankers, end the pick of the JinYou, as long as the launch machine a open, tubes began circulating backflow, meter repeated measurement. 10 metres from a transmitter remote control, cheating is hidden, in your pocket means can be controlled within. This kind of cheating the poor quantity can be as high as means of more than 30 percent.

9. Add additional pulse generator circuit. Cheaters in tankers counter circuit boards, and adding pulse generator circuit by remote control device (usually in a indoor) make pulse generator issued a pulse signal. Additional pulse generator add in computer tankers counter input, and tankers original pulse generator and work, velocity 1/3 higher than normal. Additional pulse generator for certain value. Oil gun out oil quantity is little or no give oil, counter still increase readings. How much is the user oil embezzle part of pulse generator control


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